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Nurturing Leads and Identifying Quality: "From Raw Leads to Quality Prospects:

Congratulations on having a well-developed, ready, and published website, as well as establishing connections with various media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and others. These platforms provide you with direct and indirect access to potential customers through marketing posts, emails, or messages. By reviewing your analytics, you already have a fair idea about your prospective customers, understand your market trends, and know how to divert traffic to your website and vice versa. You also have insights into which platforms or media channels create opportunities for you to capitalize on and convert leads into final sales or deals. As you continue strategizing and planning innovative marketing and ad campaigns, you align them with the findings and trends deciphered through tools like Google Analytics.

Now, your business operates within an ecosystem that increases your visibility on social media platforms, in addition to having a running business website.

The most crucial concept to focus on at this stage is the creation of a sales funnel, which guides your strategy once you've established an online presence through various channels. We will first discuss the sales funnel and then explore the use of a basic CRM model that will help you keep track of raw leads and ultimately guide you to filter and create quality leads.

According to Salesforce, a sales funnel represents the journey customers go through before making a final purchase. It starts with a large number of potential buyers who might have come across your brand name, posts, PPC ads, or simply discovered your website while searching for a product on Google. Following the sales funnel model, any visitor has the potential to convert into your potential client.

Forbes defines the sales funnel as composed of four basic elements: awareness, interest, desire, and action (AIDA). Different types of businesses have different sales funnels, but when it comes to social media and email marketing, the AIDA principle applies.

  1. Awareness: This is the initial point of contact you establish with your customers through targeted advertisements on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google. These advertisements create awareness about your products and services, capturing the customer's interest.

  2. Interest: Once customers show interest or intent in your social media posts or any other advertisements, they might click on them, make a cold call, or sign up for your website. Visitors to your website or Facebook page may leave messages or queries on social media platforms or email you about a product they are interested in.

  3. Desire: Your response to these queries, whether through phone calls, emails, live demos, etc., helps create desire in the customer. You bring them closer to negotiating terms and sealing the deal.

  4. Action: Finally, the customer takes action and converts from a potential buyer to an actual customer. This entire process is referred to as the AIDA principle (Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action).

It's important to remember that the sales funnel starts with raw leads, which are numerous, and through your targeted approach, you help qualify them as quality leads. However, not all leads are of high quality. You need to approach each lead to identify those that show potential. Forbes suggests that the conversion rate for all industries typically hovers around 3.9%. Therefore, out of 100 quality leads, only around 3.9% are likely to become your final customers.

Here, Ascend by Wix can be instrumental in keeping track of leads or visitors who leave messages on your website regularly through chat, WhatsApp, or other messaging platforms like Instagram or Facebook, or via Wix forms. Ascend by Wix directly records these requests and makes them available in the inbox option in real-time. With this tool, you can effectively manage your sales funnel and establish contact with customers who are interested in acquiring your products and services. In case the volume of queries is high, you can also distribute them to other team members in your sales team for follow-up and follow-through.

To sum up, by implementing a well-defined sales funnel and utilizing tools like Ascend by Wix, you can enhance your lead management and conversion process. Remember to focus on quality leads, and with persistence and a strategic approach, you can increase your chances of turning potential customers into satisfied buyers.




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